All Police Officers for all positions undergo 12 weeks of training in a Marine Corps Police Academy. Officers on the east coast attend a regional academy at Camp Lejeune, NC while Officers on the west coast attend a regional academy at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, CA. All Officers in Hawaii attend a local academy. The academy prepares the Police Officer to become a valued member of the team at the installation where assigned. Police Officers undergo refresher training periodically to maintain proficiency in required skills like weapons qualification and use of force. Those selected for specific positions will attend Special Reaction Team Training, Physical Security School, Investigation Courses, Military Working Dog School, Accident Investigation School and others. Based on billet and the needs of the installation, Officers may have the opportunity to attend advanced courses such as Drugged Driver, Taser, Police Leaders Course, Desk Sergeant/Patrol Sergeant Course, Watch Commanders Course, Field Training Program Course, Radar Operator, Lidar Operator, etc. The basic course of instruction is at the link below.


Marine Corps Training and Graduation